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DIDComm is an open protocol for decentralized communication. You can use it to create trustworthy relationships between people and businesses in a privacy-preserving way.

It uses DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers), to establish confidential, ongoing connections, without the need for usernames and passwords. You can then layer on existing services and applications on top of DIDComm to take advantage of DIDComm's security, privacy and decentralization. Read more about DIDComm and its benefits.


  • Open standards protocol, continually improved by an active community.
  • Fully decentralized with no central infrastructure.
  • Transport independent: supports https, websockets, Bluetooth, and more.

See the Quick Start guide for developers, or browse the protocols available to use.


See the applications of DIDComm for:


Join the DIDComm User Group.

Note: This book is a community-supported resource, under regular improvement. Corrections and contributions are welcome at our GitHub Repo.