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DIDComm for Human Communication

DIDComm Protocols for Human Communication allow for the interactions between two parting using human focused communication.

Note that DIDComm allows the use of various protocols between parties. These human oriented communication protocols blend well with protocols of many other types, including but not limited to Verifiable Credentials and other forms of data exchange.

Basic Message

Allows bidirectional chat based communication. Either party can send messages. Supports language indication to allow for translation. Purposefully simple.

Question Answer

Facilitates the asking and answering of fixed answer questions. This is typically between a human and a service, allowing the service to customize flows based on user selections.

Action Menu

Provides a menu and basic form interface between parties. This is typically between a human and a service, allowing the human to be aware of and invoke process flows provided by the service.

Additional Protocol Development

DIDComm supports the development of additional protocols. Creating a new protocol and promoting it can add useful funcationality into the ecosystem. Support for these protocols can be detected with the Discover Features protocol when communicating with other software.